The Queen's World



In book one of the Biosphere series: On a quiet biosphere called Beta-7, a handsome young hero challenges the might of a queen.
Within the lust filled walls of her palace, an overseer declared herself Queen 300 years ago, and transfers her consciousness into the bodies of beautiful women to stay forever young. When Lance’s newlywed wife is captured as part of this “Claiming”, he risks everything to save the woman he loves from having her mind taken over by the evil Queen.
Tamara is a simple village girl taken from her husband on their wedding day to become Queen Malachai’s new vessel. She is thrust into a world of greed, deceit, and sexually depravity. She is unprepared for this world and has no defense against any of it. The Queen’s Royal Consort becomes her only friend in this unfriendly world and their relationship escalates. But her heart still longs for her husband Lance. Memories of him keep her from losing herself completely to the seduction of the palace. But will these memories be enough to save her? Can she find a way out of her situation? Will she ever be reunited with the one man that holds her heart and soul?
Lance puts together the most desperate and daring plan of his life. For, in order to rescue his beloved Tamara, he must endure the treacherous journey to the palace where she is held. There, he intends to confront the Queen and take his wife home. But not every danger he faces along the way is mortal. Will temptations of the flesh and carnal distractions wear away his resolve? Will he make it there in time to rescue his wife from a fate worse than death?





The Dark World



In book two of the Biosphere series: Many centuries from now, on a dark, gritty prison world, life is cheap and hope is as scarce as sunlight. Dark World is proof that the future is not always bright. 

Tess Logan is an agent for the Resistance, an organization opposed to the Overseer government. When she is captured and sent to a Dark World as punishment, her life seems to be over. That is, until she meets Vincent--a mysterious and handsome man who is as powerful as he is charming. The problem is, Vincent is a vampire, or a victim of Xenovirus 423, depending on your perspective. Can she trust Vincent with her secrets? Can she trust him with her love? 

Paula Wright is a prison shuttle pilot who crash lands on Dark World, hurt and stranded. There is a war going on and danger is everywhere. Fortunately, an attractive human soldier and commander named Jerod rescues her from the hot jungle, and helps nurse her back to health. Paula's sharp mind is cautious, but her body is willing, and soon she finds herself falling for this tall, dark man. Suspense and steamy passions combine to form a dangerous bond, as they try to stay alive on a world that wants them dead. 

On Dark World, the thrills are high...and the stakes even higher!